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Vitelic Technology (International) Limited
Vitelic Technology (International) Limited is a leading semiconductor company in Hong Kong, with visions to reshape the industry of Hong Kong through innovation, quality excellence and operational efficiency. Launched in March 2006 by the core organization of Vitelic (Hong Kong) Limited, we inherited tremendous engineering experience and technology knowhow.
Vitelic Technology offers one-stop solution by engagement with our customers from the early concept stage all the way to production. We can provide foundry services with technology coverage from 5um Metal gate to 0.18um BCD, SiC device applications, GaN eHEMT, as well as testing and back end services. We also developed a Reactive Ion Etching equipment for Academic and Laboratories. We emphasize on the protection of intellectual property, long-term trust-worthy partnership to achieve total customers satisfaction. Our customers are consumer electronic companies distributed across China, HK, Korea, Taiwan, South East Asia, Europe and North America.
1963-1979 : ELCAP, core business on electrolytic capacitor & electronic watches.
1980-1989 : Constructed 4-inch class-100 wafer fab. for 3um CMOS process; constructed 4-inch class-10 wafer fab.
1990-1992 : Acquired by Vitelic-MOSEL, developed CMOS 1.0um process for memory I.C.
1993-1996 : Concentrated manufacturing process on consumer I.C.
1997-2001 : Wafer fab. qualified by MOTOROLA, OEM TMOS wafer for MOTOROLA & ON semi.; Implemented QS-9000.
2000 : Acquired by Champion Microelectronic Corp.
2002-2003 : Started to provide VDMOS & discrete power device wafer foundry service for customers.
2006 : Company re-organized and changed business to fabless technology company
2007 : Developed the semiconductor’s solution business.
2010 : Started ASIC design to support consumer electronics and LED products
2012-2014 : Developed the Super Junction MOSFET Technology.
2014 : Established Smart Living Series to promote one-stop solution on LED products.
2014-2015 : Developed the SR MOSFET and IGBT Technology.
2015 : Launched the SiC JBS diode project.
2016 : Developing 3rd Generation Semiconductor wafers and devices Test Solutions.
2016 : Obtained ISO9001:2015 Certificate.
2016 : Obtained HKSAR Government ESS Funding on SiC Diode devices.
2017 : Established APS subsidiary to focus on WBG High Power Solutions.
2017 : Represent EpiGaN in China region to promote GaN epitaxial wafers.
2018 : Spin-off APS, dedicated for SiC device business development.
2018 : Developing GaN eHEMT devices and application.
2018 : Started Evaluation of SiC MOSFET and SiC Diode Applications.
2018 : Established Innovation Center for Tester and RIE Equipment.
2019 : Obtained HKSAR Government ESS Funding on RIE project.
2019 : Established Two Laboratories with ASTRI on 3rd Generation Semiconductor Devices.
Core Values
We are the right team to make all the difference. People is our biggest asset, all our senior executives have over twenty years of experience in semiconductor industry. More than 70% of our staffs are engineers.
Our common goal is to drive the operational excellence. The one-stop service is an example of teamwork. It is a proven model to shorten the turn-around time and maximize the economical return of our customers.
We believe the innovation makes things happen. Innovation and creativity are the key elements of our technology and product development. Good ideas are abundant in our engineering team, and we are eager to turn all of them into reality.
Our passion drive us to challenge the impossible. We understand timing is everything. Both our engineering and production teams are so dedicated to beating the schedule and outpacing customer expectation.
Vitelic has good track record of making superior products and protecting intellectual property. We are recognized as a trustworthy business partner. Through the long-term collaboration, we have built up the mutual trust and loyalty with our customers and suppliers.
Vitelic cares on our environmental friendly processes and supports eco-friendly life-style. We believe sustainable development is the most important issue for our planet, we promote our goods and services by implementing environmental labels and declarations such as REACH, ROHS, etc.
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